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2014 inFlight Guide Paperback Book

The inFlight Guide is the Rosetta Stone of flight charts. Disc flight data contained in the guide comes from a total of 19 different flight charts and rating systems with as many as six different sources being applied to any one disc. Using multiple data sources has a smoothing effect on a disc flight path and eliminates outlier values caused by unnecessary bias, flight testing extremes, and minor rating errors, creating the most reliable flight data available as the “Relative Stability Scale”.


It’s perfect for the beginner. It allows them to see what would work best for them and how the HST and LSF apply to each disc. Sometimes when players like myself are trying to give instruction it doesn’t come across to the student the way you would like or they may need something more technical. This guide gives a huge helping hand when it comes to getting the player started with the right discs and teaching disc golf.

Joe Mela
2001 Masters World Champion


The Guide looks to be a great tool for helping many people to understand flight characteristics of discs.

Brian “Schwebby” Schweberger
2013 Tim Selinske United States Masters Champion


The inFlight Guide, is, in our humble opinion, our sport’s best and most comprehensive flight guide period.


Using an easy to interpret flight rating system that is universal across all manufacturers makes comparing discs from different companies simple. It’s truly an asset to my store.

Peter Berkey
Owner, Dodo’s Disc Golf Shop


Unlike other flight charts that utilize an arbitrary integer or manufacturer-based numbering system to describe different aspects of a disc’s flight, the Relative Stability Scale shows flight characteristics relative to the expected minimum and maximum range of values for all discs and are displayed as a percentage. This flight ratings scale is the easiest to understand and is very simple for players both new and old to apply to the discs in their bag and to aid in disc purchasing decisions. We believe that the exploding population of new and amateur players will find this guide to be the most beneficial disc resource available.

inFlight Guide Features

  • Simple, easy to understand flight ratings
  • Graphic flight charts for nearly 540 discs
  • Matrix view showing distance vs. net stability for each disc
  • Includes both current and out-of-production discs
  • Over 165 pages of flight charts and disc data
  • PDGA specs for all approved discs in the guide
  • Expanded “Factors Affecting Disc Flight” Section


Since its debut in September 2012, the inbounds Disc Golf inFlight Guide has become the industry standard for viewing disc flight paths. No other disc flight resource comes close to the number of discs or quality of data. Used by both players and manufacturers (including Dynamic Discs and Millennium), the inFlight Guide is the top ranked disc flight tool using Google’s web search and is the only hard copy disc flight resource available, with thousands of books in circulation.

Product Information

  • 5” x 8” trade paperback
  • ISBN-13: 978-1484020241
  • ISBN-10: 1484020243

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